Print Management

Managed Printing and Copier Solutions

Newcytech Business Solutions Ltd provides state of the art Print Management Solutions which allow its customers to control the cost of printed output and also provides advanced security in fully compliance with the GDPR regulations set forth in all verticals.

Our Print Management Solutions include Rules Based Engine, Secure Follow Me Printing, Mobile Printing (PC, Phone or Tablet) and also advanced Workflows. It allows full transparency for cost allocation, uses the same authentication methods as the ones to log into their computer, supports mobile workers, and also allows the usage of the IC cards used for entering their buildings. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of any organization and are scalable to cover any type of business from SMB to Large Enterprise even with Multinational Enterprises having multiple offices around the globe. Whether your users are local, mobile or global, we can provide the solution that meets your individual printing needs.