IT Support

Operation Services, Maintenance and Support, Managed Services

NewCytech specialises in providing comprehensive IT support services to large clients and installations. Having built up considerable know-how in complex IT environments within a variety of companies, banks, telecom providers and the public sector, the company has invested in products and services for the support of those systems. NewCytech Business Solutions has the ability to offer Maintenance and Support Services for client’s infrastructure to cover a comprehensive range of operations from initial installation right-up to roll-out and beyond.

A modern Call Centre is a coordination hub and a common reference point one can contact about all services. The Department has direct call lines available during business hours and also offers extended hour support depending on the project and client.

The IT Department’s engineers are knowledgeable, experienced members of the company’s staff or Vendors/ Associates who have considerable know-how in designing and supporting networks, systems and applications. NewCytech works in close with the major IT Vendors, it has partnered with them to offer continuous training for its engineers, by enrolling them in special training and certification courses. Our company has teams of Specialised System and Network Engineers based in all areas.