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Modern Data Platform & AI

  • OrganizationIBM
  • Event Date 11.05.2018 @ 09:30
  • VenueLemon Park

We cordially invite you to this IBM event where you have the opportunity to meet and hear from those who are challenging conventional thinking about how data can be used to help accelerate business and transform industries

Modernizing for a multicloud world: Organizations can derive business value from data using analytics and AI technologies in a multicloud architecture that is agile, flexible and built with modern technologies such as flash and software-defined storage (SDS). Discover how this approach helps transform on-premises infrastructure to meet new business needs.

Storage innovation to monetize your data: Many organizations find building a strategy to extract insights from their data oceans and data warehouses to be challenging. In this session, industry experts and clients show you how to overcome challenges and build the right storage infrastructure strategy to monetize data.

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