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Data Insight Helps Organizations Get Control of Runaway Data Growth

Organizations today are generating an unprecedented amount of data. As data continues to pile up, organizations are challenged to track and classify all of their data to mitigate the potential risk that it poses. Organizations looking for advanced risk intelligence need a unique solution that uses artificial intelligence to generate insights from content classification, metadata analysis and user activity. Welcome to Data Insight…

About Data Insight
Many organizations struggle with identifying data users and owners for their unstructured data. This challenge is compounded with the fact that organizations lack visibility into the types of content and data that is spread across their computing environment. With Veritas™ Data Insight, users can monitor file access to automatically identify the data user of a file based on the access history. The usage information then automatically enters into the incident detail of files that violate Symantec Data Loss Prevention policies. This method enables users to identify sensitive data along with the responsible users to enable more efficient remediation and data management. Veritas™ Data Insight helps organizations improve unstructured data governance to reduce costs and risk through actionable intelligence into data ownership, usage, and access controls.

Predict an information crisis before it happens
Data Insight gives you the analytics, tracking, and reporting necessary to deliver organizational accountability for file use and security. Designed to manage the needs of organizations with petabytes of data and billions of files, Data Insight integrates with archiving and security solutions to prevent data loss and ensure policy-based data retention.

  • Automate governance through workflows and customization
  • Drive efficiencies and cost savings in your unstructured data environment
  • Maintain regulatory compliance for information access, use, and retention
  • Protect confidential information from unauthorized use and exposure

Meet new regulatory requirements – Ensure visibility and monitoring of personal data use
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a fundamental reshaping of how organizations need to manage, process, and store the personal data of EU citizens. It places appropriate controls around the use of collected personal data, dictates requirements to comply with those controls, and defines substantial fines to be levied in the event of noncompliance. That means your organization must be able to identify the entire inventory of an individual’s data, access its risk status, and monitor it for noncompliance.

Control data proliferation and costs
Simplify the decision-making associated with growing unstructured data using an integrated file governance solution – Data Insight – to assess the value of your information assets and make informed information protection and deletion choices. Use Data Insight to classify your information based on ownership, age, and access. Then analyze your file system characteristics and develop policies to eliminate waste and reduce risk through multiple use cases.

  • Identify what data you should keep, for how long, and what data you can defensibly delete
  • Locate sensitive data and provide additional protection during migrations
  • Cull outdated files from discoverable sources and improve review speeds

Take a holistic, integrated approach to Regulatory Compliance
Data is at the heart of Digital Innovation and organizations globally are transforming their businesses to take advantage. Whilst this strategy is a key focus, emerging data protection regulations demand better Information Management and Governance processes to ensure the business implications of GDPR become part of day- to-day operations. Gaining visibility, insight and analysis of what data you have, where it resides and how the business uses this critical asset is pivotal to positioning good data governance and accountability to drive the wider benefits of becoming compliant.
Data Insight focuses on theft prevention by providing immediate insights into malicious activity and policy violations. User risk analysis aggregates anomalous activity, access patterns, and sensitive content interaction into a single metric. The customizable policies within Data Insight pinpoint which data. is at risk of exposure, such as folders or shares that are open or have overly permissive access rights. It also generates actionable recommendations for tightening permissions and provides change analysis capabilities to lockdown access to business need while controlling open shares exposure without impacting information availability. By having a flexible query interface, Data Insight can enable custom risk analysis and filtering based on data attributes, identity context, access exposure, and activity. Data Insight integrates with Data Loss Prevention to discover sensitive data, identify data owners, and understand permissions and detailed access history to enable an effective data protection process. Data Loss Prevention can assess which folders are at greatest risk and supports automated user notifications to facilitate data cleanup.

Key benefits
Data Insight offers the following capabilities that improve data governance to reduce costs and risks and achieve compliance:

  • Detailed insights and visibility: Discover unstructured data and navigate using metadata, age, permissions, usage, and identity context to inform data lifecycle management, compliance, and risk reduction initiatives. Audit all access to data.
  • Advanced analysis: Detect data use policy violations that may indicate anomalous activity or excessive data growth. Analyze collaboration to expose outlier user risk as well as operational and permissions inconsistencies. Identify and control open shares exposure without impacting information availability.
  • Integrated actions: Flexible framework to implement custom actions for disposition, migration, and access control efforts including a native connector to Veritas Enterprise Vault™ for archiving and retention management. Drive protection of sensitive data with integration into Symantec™ Data Loss Prevention.

Increase operations efficiency and reduce costs
Organization can keep up with data growth and become more efficient at data management and reduce overall costs if they had a better understanding of their data and its use. Data Insight helps organizations discover unstructured data and categorize the data by age, type, and owner to guide stale and orphan data cleanup, archiving, and retention efforts. The data ownership and usage capabilities of Data Insight help create consumption reports to promote accountability for efficient data use. Data Insight further gives visibility into effective permissions including how they were derived to help streamline permissions management.

Protect information from security risks
Protecting unstructured data against loss and misuse is a vital component to a data governance program. With the intuitive web-based interface in Data Insight, organizations understand who is accessing data and how often they are accessing it for security investigations. The Data Insight data use policy alerts help identify anomalous user activity or irregular activity on sensitive data.